by Lindy Shopper – July 27, 2012

Aside from Vintage Shoe retail locations, I was not aware of a retailer specializing in dead stock shoes – until now. I happened upon  a Vintage Sole and was delighted to find an entire website devoted to dead stock shoes from many eras, including the swing era. I was immediately awash with questions of “how…?” “where…?” “what..??!” Just amazing.

This site is also a haven for irregular widths – it is apparent that the buyer found whole sets of stock for a certain shoe, sometimes in multiple colors, and almost always in multiple widths. You can search their inventory by size, width, and color. The only criteria missing would be decade. [Editor’s Note: The site has been updated and now offers ‘decade’ and seven more search criteria.]

So, back to my questions – thankfully, there’s FAQ page to satiate my curiosity:

Where do you buy your shoes? We find people with vintage shoes to sell. If they are in mint condition, we’re interested. We’re pretty open-minded when it comes to our sources. Keep in mind that all of our shoes are still in the box and have never been worn.”

The owner sounds like a kindred spirit – “a Vintage Sole began with a love of shoes. From there it grew into a bit of an obsession. I searched high and low for authentic vintage shoes. One pair became two. Two pairs became four. Four pairs became eight until I had so many shoes I had to pass them on to you…Growing up in the Midwest, I also loved the thrill of spending weekends driving around the many small towns filled with antique shops hiding vintage gems. Have you ever been to a garage sale, second-hand store, or antique shop and found something that was so amazing you had to get it even though it wasn’t quite right for you? When you picked it up you thought, “My friend would love this!” That’s how I feel. I know you’ll love what I’ve found for you. Who wouldn’t love an authentic pair of gorgeous, vintage shoes? The shoes I sell have never been worn! It’s time they had their moment in the spotlight because they are too beautiful to stay boxed up forever.  a Vintage Sole offers footwear in limited quantities that enables your shoes to be as unique as you are. We celebrate individuality and flair. Love for great shoes is a passion to share. From me and the rest of the staff of  a Vintage Sole, we hope you truly enjoy your shoes!

Now for the shoes! Here are some favorites from

Brownbilt Princess 1940s kid leather mint condition vintage shoe

Brownbilt Princess – 1930's heel, looks narrow but some sizes have regular and slightly wide widths!

Williams Narcissus 1940s spectator mint condition vintage shoe

Williams Narcissus – late 40's shoe, also available in black and white combo

Pet o Paris Irene 1940s kid leather mint condition vintage shoe

Pet o Paris Irene – early 40's shoe, also available in black

Bellaire Joyce 1940s all leather mind condition vintage shoe

Bellaire Joyce – mid 1940s

Pet o Paris Mimi 1930s kid leather mint condition vintage shoe

Pet o Paris Mimi – late 30's heels, also available in brown

Pet o Paris Missie 1940s gaberdine mint condition vintage shoe

Pet o Paris Missie – early 40's shoes, also available in blac

Trenda Fashion Dot 1930s kid leather mint condition vintage shoe

Trenda Fashion Dot – late 1930s kid leather heel