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other frequently asked questions

Why don’t you use a rating system like other vintage websites?
Two words — mint condition. All of our shoes have never been worn and are still in their original boxes. There is no wear factor to rate. They are all in mint condition. Occasionally we might find a bit of discoloration from being in a shop window or a nick from being tried on. When this happens, we make note of any issue in the shoe’s listing.

Some vintage websites leave sold merchandise listed. Why don’t you?
Frankly, we think it’s an unnecessary tease. What could be more frustrating than finding the perfect pair of shoes that will match your outfit perfectly and then follow a link to find out they’re sold? Our hearts sink just thinking about it. So instead of dashing your dreams, we remove the items after they sell.

How will I know when you add shoes to your collection?
The easiest way to keep up with our changes is to join our mailing list. Just scroll to the footer, add your e-mail address, and click “subscribe!’

Are your shoes reproductions?
Nope — they are all genuine originals from which others make copies.

Really! None of them?
Really! All of our inventory is authentic vintage footwear. All of our inventory is genuine unworn vintage footwear, still in their original boxes. We really love the variety of styles and brands we’ve collected for you — not to mention the incredible quality of materials and craftsmanship. Literally, they don’t make them like this anymore!

What do you mean by a ‘wartime box?’
During World War II, supplies were at a premium. Companies tried to help each other out as much as possible during those difficult times. One shipment of shoes was received where the shoes were fine but all of the shoe boxes were damaged. Another manufacturer helped out by supplying the store with replacement boxes. As a result of this kind gesture, there is a section of our inventory from the early 40s that is not in its original boxes but rather in those of a competitive brand. 

We think this story of competitive cooperation is rather incredible and wanted to share it with you. When you select a pair of shoes that is in what we have designated as a “wartime box,” a note will appear in the shoe’s description letting you know their bit of added historic importance.

Sometimes it says the shoes I want aren’t in their original box — what gives?
Occasionally boxes were damaged in shoe stores through regular handling in their previous life. Often the solution was to swap out the damaged shoe box with any other box on hand. Sometimes a box will be a different brand than the shoes themselves, though both are still authentic vintage items. Whenever this is the case, a note will appear in the shoe’s description mentioning this fact.

Are the colors on my screen an accurate representation of the actual shoe colors?
As we note in our ‘policies,’ we make every effort to accurately represent our entire inventory. The type of computer you use, its screen, and how it is calibrated will, of course, alter colors slightly.

How do I know my size?
Our vintage shoe collection uses the same American scale sizing method as modern shoes. If you know your size (length + width) you're all set! Reading ‘what’s my size?’ and ‘magic of diagonal sizing’ will help with all of your sizing questions.

Do you rent your shoes?
We do occasionally, but only to movie studios and major theater productions. 

Can I place a pair of shoes on hold?
Sorry, no holds here. If you love them and can’t imagine your life without them — buy them! They are literally one-of-a kind and you’ll likely never see anything like them again.

Can I return my shoes if they don’t fit?
Of course you can! You can return them for whatever reason you’re not happy — as long as you do so within 45 day of receiving them. For complete details read our ‘policies.’

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and cash. Heck, we’ve even been known to barter if you have something we’re really interested in. Happy shopping!

Do you collect sales tax?
If you are taking delivery of your order within the state of Michigan, we must charge you the standard state sales tax. Sorry, we don’t make the rules. We just live with them. 

Do you sell and ship internationally?
Of course! We handle all of the necessary paperwork as well. Please be advised that unless you tell us that the purchase is a gift, you are also responsible for any VAT or import tax that may apply to your purchase.

Will you sell my e-mail address if I sign up for your newsletter?
Heck no! Never! Whatever information you share with us when you make a purchase or sign up for our newsletter will never be sold or shared — period. By the way, we never even see bank card information. That’s all handled by our card processor,

Can I come visit your boutique?
Absolutely! We’d love to meet you. While we primarily exist online, you can visit our ‘world headquarters’ any time of year. We’re located just a bit west of Traverse City, nestled deep in the beautiful woods of northern Michigan. We're so deep, in fact, that you’ll need some directions. Just give us a call (231–275–1525) or click 'contact' to set up an appointment. 

As a bonus for visiting, you’ll receive a personal fitting from an experienced ‘shoe dog,’ a discount for eventually finding us (we said ‘deep in the beautiful woods’ and we mean it), and possibly some coffee, tea, or even wine and cheese! If you bring your friends, we’ll help arrange a ‘shoe party!’ See ‘private showings’ for more details.

All this information is great, but I still have a question.
Just click ‘contact’ in the footer section and ask away. We’re happy to take a shot at answering your question!