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why unworn is so important

you are unique
Just like your finger prints, your feet and the way you walk is truly unique to you. Worn shoes can never properly adjust to your individuality. Our unworn genuine vintage shoes mold themselves to your feet. This — along with their vintage quality materials and craftsmanship — is what makes them so darn comfortable.

when ‘fit’ isn’t fitting
Just because you can put someone else’s previously worn shoe on doesn’t really mean that they ‘fit.’ Shoes previously worn by someone else can never fit your feet properly. As your foot struggles to accommodate the oddities of a pair of used shoes, your feet, hips, back, and even your neck can begin to hurt. Who wants that?

really, where have they been?
Besides being able to alter them, vintage clothing can all be properly laundered. The exterior of a shoe can be brushed and polished, but the inside holds its ‘secrets.’ With a Vintage Sole, you’ll never have to ask, “Whose feet have been in these shoes?” Leave that question at the bowling alley!

That’s why we only sell unworn vintage shoes, boots, and slippers.