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Between looking for unique styles and sizes, and searching for older footwear from classic designers, I tend to browse a lot of vintage shoe sites. Every once in a while, I come across one that's really special for one reason or another. Today, I'm going to share with you a site that I actually didn't come across on my own. Rather -- and fortunately -- the site's owner contacted me -- and I'm so glad he did. is run by a man who grew up in the footwear industry, and it's different from other vintage shoe sites I've visited for a couple of reasons. First, they only sell shoes -- so they have lots, and lots of them. And, secondly -- also most impressively -- the vintage shoes they do offer have never been worn.

I know!

It's difficult to believe, but so cool to browse women's shoe styles from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s and see styles that look as if they've just been unboxed, because they have just been unboxed. Actually, they are still in their original boxes, but you know what i mean.

What quickly becomes apparent while browsing, is that they really just don't make shoes like they used to. If you've ever slipped into a pair of mid-century shoes, you already know this, but sometimes, when you're looking at previously-loved footwear from the past, it can be easy to forget, since you're more focused in on whether that little tear or mark will distract from the overall beauty of the shoes. Since the shoes at  a Vintage Sole are in mint condition, their quality is apparent -- even in pictures, and even though most of the available styles and brands weren't particularly high-priced in their day. Below are a few images from  a Vintage Sole to illustrate the point.

Another thing that was absolutely unique about browsing this vintage shoe site was the range of sizes and widths that are available. Since the owners are often dealing with the manufacturers of the shoes, styles are often available in more than one size.

For a fun browse, more information, or to place an order, be sure to check out one of the links below.


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‘Ballancia' suede pumps from the 1950s


'Gabby' snakeskin spectator pumps from the 1940s


 'Polly' 4" suede Mary Jane heels from the 1940s


'Tally' patent leather mod slingback pumps from the 1960s